The Adapted Bike Program

The Cerebral Palsy Kids and Families Adapted Bike Program has been in operation for over 20 years. The flagship program allows us the opportunity to build community awareness, improve the lives of our members, and cultivate partnerships with businesses and other non-profit agencies throughout Calgary.

The program provides our members with an opportunity to find their child a bike that meets all of their physical needs at an extremely affordable cost. We host various bike clinics throughout the year where we provide individual fittings for each child to receive a customized bicycle. Each bike is loaned out on a yearly basis. After one year, members can either renew the bike for another year, or return it for a new one if the child has outgrown it. We pride ourselves on being able to adapt the many bikes in our inventory to best suit the needs of each child that comes through our door.

The positive effects of riding a bike are far reaching. It builds confidence, allows crucial participation in an activity embraced by families and by children who do not have disabilities, stretches and builds muscles, increases balance, promotes family wellness, but perhaps most importantly, simply allows children to have fun.

Thanks to the Adapted Bike Program, people in the community are realizing that with specialized equipment, even severely disabled children can enjoy the powerful benefits of riding a bicycle. Special needs children riding a bicycle also make community members more aware about cerebral palsy and that children with motor difficulties can enjoy the countless benefits of cycling, just like any other typical kid. 

For more information, please contact our Adapted Bike Coordinator
Carol Mertens at



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The Adapted Bike Program