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Step 1

Join our organization! Become a member, fill out the form HERE


Step 2

Register for the program
(We are currently at capacity for 2019)


Step 3

You will be contacted with an appointment day and time to trial an adapted bike


Step 4

Attend your bike assessment appointment with your child, AFO's (if prescribed), running shoes and a helmet. Your Bike Fitter will determine the ideal bike for your child. If you currently have one of our adapted bikes please bring it in with you. You may not be taking home a bike right away.


Step 5

When your child's bike is ready, we will contact you to come in and refit the bike. We will make any necessary adjustments and ask you to sign our one-year adapted bike loan agreement, and pay the annual fee. Take the bike home and enjoy.



Please note: Families may be eligible for fee assistance if they are experiencing financial hardship.
Please contact Sheralee Stelter or Emily Jackson at 403-205-4935 or via email to discuss.


Our Bikes


What to expect at a Bike Clinic day

  1. You will check in at reception and meet your Concierge

  2. Be escorted to the Bike Fitter

  3. Try the bikes that the Fitter has already designated

  4. Have the mechanic make any minor adjustments

  5. Take the bike home the same day and complete any final documentation and fees - OR - Book a future pick up date if adaptations for the bike will take longer to complete

The Bike Fitting appointment should take less than 1 hour



How do the bike fitters select which bike is the best for my child?
Height, weight, GMFCS scale and functional ability are all factors in determining the appropriate bike for your child.

How often should my child come to a bike clinic?
Register for the next clinic if your child has either outgrown their current bike or need maintenance on their current bike.

Can I remove parts from the adapted bike that I’ve borrowed?
Sorry no, because of safety concerns, we cannot allow removal of parts.

Where should I store my child’s adapted bike?
Bikes should be stored in a dry, enclosed area such as a garage, storage shed or in the house.

How can I get maintenance done?
Book an appointment with us to bring in the bike for further maintenance or adaptations. Please register below for your adapted bike maintenance.

How do I get my bike home?
Some of our bikes do require extra room when transporting them. Please come prepared with a vehicle large enough to transport it safely.

Renew YOUR Current Bike

Does your current bike still fit? Complete the form to simply renew your bike loan agreement for another year.